Our Team

Charlie Vasquez photo

Charlie Vasquez Chief Founder and CEO

As the architect of Synappse, Charlie Vasquez brings nearly 14 years of team development, accountability strategy and leadership acumen experience into the functionality of Synappse. Charlie has most recently owned and operated one of the highest volume selling insurance agencies in California’s Central Valley. In 2015, Charlie's Agency was voted “Best Insurance Agency” by 209 magazine. Charlie's unique team development model created a high producing work environment that drove his team to exceed not only sales expectations but also to assure his clients, prospects and leads were getting the highest-quality experience during and after the sales process. He has combined his model along with other winning strategies to create Synappse. Charlie believes that if you are going to win in today’s marketplace you need to help your employee’s reach their peak performance through talent development.

Daniel Del Real Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Del Real has been in the Real Estate industry for 13 years. He operates one of the highest producing teams in California and has ranked by the Wall Street Journal as the highest producing agent in California. He has sold over 3,000 homes over his 13 years leading the industry and labeled a mega agent. He has done this with a small team of 4 sales agents and 3 admin roles focusing on maximizing his agents times and opportunities. His knowledge and leadership in the Real Estate industry has been extremely instrumental in the development of Synappse.

Joe Simile photo

Joe Simile Co-Founder and Director of Marketing

General contracting expert Joseph Simile, has seen the business leadership defined numerous ways over the years. Is it charisma? Positive thinking? Decisiveness? Over the 18 years in the building multi-million dollar facilities in the construction industry, Joe’s views are radically different. Leadership is about moment-to-moment everyday choices and not about position, tenure or title. Joe currently serves as the VP of Operations for a multi-million dollar General Contracting firm where operations spread the breadth of California. Joe has been able to achieve remarkable business results through the high level development strategies of his sales and marketing team. This type of leadership experience was crucial in the establishment of Synappse.