What is Synappse?

Synappse makes it easy to manage your team, and your goals.

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Easily Build Your Team Roster graphic

Easily Build Your Team Roster.

Each of your team members will have their own customizable profile allowing you build highly specific performance targets for reach employee, specific to their job. You’ll be able to add employees with ease as your team grows.

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Build Custom Goals

Not all your employees have the same set of tasks, responsibilities or tenure therefore you need their goals to align with their specific job. Synappse makes it easy to create goals that are specific to any one employee. Whether you are tracking production, marketing activity or process execution it makes no difference.... Synappse enables you to build your goals your way.

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Seamlessly Track Performance

Synappse’s Snap Shot feature allows you to log in anytime from anywhere and confirm your teams progress toward your business goals. With just a few simple clicks you’ll be able to see how the team is stacking up against their goals on a year to date, month to date, weekly and even daily basis.

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Elevate Your Team Awareness of Goals

Your employees will have their own profile and password that they will be able log in at any time in order to update their performance results, view your performance assessments of their work, and see how they stack up against their peers in terms of sales, marketing, and quality execution.

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Identify Development Opportunities for Your Team

This is where Synappse sets itself apart from our competition! We have developed holistic performance and training software that allows you to evaluate performance on both a quantitative and qualitative level. Synappse will help you identify where your employees need the most amount of development through tracking Sales, Marketing Activity, Quality Execution.

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Audit Quality

It’s not Just a numbers Game!! Is it important to your business that customers get a high-quality experience or that your team is following a process? Synappse offers a highly unique performance feature that allows you measure how well your team is delivering on process execution and customer engagement.

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Team Member Management

With Synappse, adding, editing, and managing team members is an effortless experience. With just a few simple clicks, you’ll be on your way.

  • Set Team Member/Employee Goals
  • Track Sales and Marketing Performance
  • Track Quality of Performance Through Custom Audits
  • Create and Deliver High Level Performance Evaluations With Ease
  • Keep Digital Records of Coaching Conversations
  • Create Positive Peer Competition Among Your Team
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Send Performance Evaluations

At the end of every month you can deliver performance evaluations to an employee. You can also send Year to Date evaluations at any time.

  • Compile Year to Date and Monthly Performance Evaluations
  • Score each Job Objective individually
  • Set an Overall Score for the Evaluation
  • Send Evaluation Breakdown to Employee
  • All Evaluations recorded and saved in database
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Current Performance Snapshots

With Synappse, adding, editing, and managing team members is an effortless experience. With just a few simple clicks, you’ll be on your way.

  • Add Employee-Specific Job Objectives
  • See Current Month and YTD Performance
  • Audit Employee Quality Performance
  • Send Evaluations to Employee
  • Make Notes Related to Employee
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